Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Heroes Episode 19, and I've got Theories!!

Well that was almost the longest wait for a tv show in history. I wasn't sure I was even gonna make it to April 23rd to the New Heroes Episode, but I made it, and I have to say, that I am glad I did. First off, I have to say that they never fooled me for a moment with Peter Petrelli supposedly being finished. I mean honestly, the guy can heal himself, and there's too many episodes left so I didn't believe that for a second. I was a little surprised that the Peter and Sylar showdown went the way it did, but I suppose they had to leave both of them alive and well to do battle later on. Ok, so enough about Peter and Sylar, lets talk about Niki and Jessica. This girl confuses me a little more each episode, and I never know for sure which one it is, of course after a few minutes you can tell by her actions and her attitude. As far as I could tell, Jessica was still in control of Niki's body on this episode. I believe her and Linderman will eventually have some kind of battle, due to the fact that Linderman now has her son, Micah. I really loved the scenes in this episode of the Petrelli's and of Claire. She, obviously did not want to leave the country, and Peter did not want her to leave either, but Nathan and Angela both agreed that it was too dangerous for her here. The scenes of Mr. Bennett talking to Matt Parkman through his mind, and guiding him, not only to his escape but also freeing Ted and Bennett were pretty good, then after they escape we find out that Mr. Bennett does not even remember the name Linderman, although I think he recognized it after Matt said the name. I believe his memory is still pretty much wiped out though, and he will need help from Matt and Ted in order to take down Linderman. Its a strange threesome to be working together, if you really think about it, simply because Ted and Matt were at Mr. Bennett's just a few episodes ago in order to get "the truth". Isaac is gone, however from what he said when he was laying on the floor looking up at Sylar, he has either already painted it, or it was Sylar painting pictures that somehow, seem to be the key to saving New York from the fireworks, as well as neutralizing Sylar, or maybe just one or the other. Ok now for the last Hero, but certainly not the least, towards the end of the show we see Hiro Nakamura, still in the future, and he's looking for Isaac. I didn't quite understand all of this part, but I thought it was saying that Sylar had been defeated and Isaac had not, although I'm sure I could be mistaken. Well Hiro and Ando venture to a partially destroyed apartment, formerly belonging to Isaac, where they discover what they stated was some kind of a time line. Their intentions are to study the time line, and find out why they couldn't save the world, then travel back in time to make things right again. Now I have had a lot of theories so far in this blog, several of them are in this post here Heroes Episode Theories. Now, after reading back over them, I believe that the basic theories were correct, I still believe that Claire, Peter, and Hiro will be the main characters responsible for saving the world, however now I believe that possibly Mr. Bennett, Matt, and Ted could also be involved in this. I have only a couple theories of where the boom will come from, and my guess is either Ted, or Sylar. I believe Linderman will end up trying to use one of these two in to cause the event in New York. I really just can't see Peter being the cause of all of it. That would be a little heartbreaking, really, after everything he's been through already. One more week, then more heroes!!! Episode 20 will be here and I am already excited.

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