Friday, March 2, 2007

Current Heroes thoughts

Well, this will be where I post most of my views and opinions on heroes from this point on. I am still posting in a couple of the main forums, however, I was posting at a lot of forums for awhile so I just decided to try to put it all into this blog. My plan will be to post a new blog after every show. Right now my theories are a little scatterbrained. I still believe Nathan and Peter Petrelli will end up facing off against each other. I can also see Peter Petrelli and Sylar having a showdown at some point in the future. If you think about it, this is only logical since these are the only people in the show at this point with more than one ability. Sylar of course acquires his abilities by dispatching people with other abilites, and since he is running around with Suresh, he is collecting many abilities. Peter of course can absorb other peoples abilities, and could not use them unless they were around although it seems that in the past few episodes he is learning to master this to be able to use them when he wants. My own theory is that Claire, Peter, and Hiro will be the main characters who will end up saving the world. However, things change quickly in this show, and the thing I am interested to find out is how Hiro's father plays into all of this. Well thats all for this week, I will have much more next week I am sure when the show is a little fresher in my mind.

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Jackie said...

I shall have to wait a while seeing we just had episode 3 in South Africa so i don't want to spoil my future viewing as we have so little worthwhile to watch as it is :)