Monday, March 5, 2007

New Heroes Episode March 5th

Well the new Heroes show was a good one. I enjoyed seeing Sylar getting his fluid sucked out of his back, almost a little too much. Too bad he woke up though. I had been hoping that Simone was still around, but it seems as if she is gone. I had a feeling Ando would show back up, and he showed up just at the right time too. Niki/Jessica is still working for Linderman, which I could see coming. Hiro has finally regained his powers and has gotten the sword, but he teleports to the future and sees New York gone. What I am wondering right now, is this the future or just a possible future? I'm sure Hiro is wondering the same thing. Well, the end really ticked me off though. I was left wanting a lot more. I mean come on, Peter and Sylar finally meet up and we only get to see a little piece of it? I am glad Claire didn't take off, she needs to stick around because I know she is going to play some part towards the end, although I'm not sure just what part she is going to play. It looks as if Dr. Suresh is done for, although he may not be gone, but he's certainly not in good shape. Mr Bennett has got some problems to take care of. I have to admit, I didn't see that part coming. I thought that his wife's memory had been erased again, but it turned out that it ended up being a very bad idea, and his own girl turned against him. I can't believe I have to wait until April 23rd for another episode!!! I may need to work a 12 step program before the end of this show, because I'm seriously addicted!!

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Jackie said...

Unfortunately don't get the program in my neck of the woods. I suppose I will have to wait a year or two :(