Monday, September 24, 2007

Heroes Season Two Premiere Episode Summary "Four Months Later"

The episode begins with Dr. Suresh, who is finishing up a lecture on his theories of human evolution. After the lecture, he is approached by a man named Bob who can turn any metal into gold. Bob offers Dr. Suresh a job with the The Company, and Dr. Suresh finally accepts.
Next we meet two new characters, sister and brother Maya and Alejandro Herrera. They are fleeing the town of San Cristobal, Honduras, and wanted by the authorities. They've already covered 800 miles on their way to reach Dr. Suresh in New York, the one man who might be able to explain the strange things happening to them.
Now we go to Claire and Noah Bennett, and it's Claire's first day of school in the new town where the Bennetts are trying to hide from the company. Noah asks Claire to try not to stand out, then after she agrees he gives her keys to a new car.
We now catch up with our time traveling buddy, Hiro, who is in 1671 Japan. He teleports right into the middle of a battle between warring samurai. He then realizes that one of the samurai is Takezo Kensei, and is in danger, so Hiro transports them both away from the battle.
At this same time, Hiro's father meets with Ando. Ando brings him a newspaper. When he opens the newspaper, a picture of himself falls out with a "helix" drawn on it. Hiro's father then announces this is a sign that he only has 24 hours left to live.
Next we find Nathan Petrelli, unshaved and drinking heavily, still thinking about Peter. Angela Petrelli shows up, and tries to convince Nathan to "get over it" which begins an argument between the two. Then Angela Petrelli also finds a picture of herself with the same "helix" symbol on it.
Hiro gets Kensei to a safe spot, only to find out that it is not Kensei at all but a man hired by Kensei to fight for him. When Hiro finds the real Takezo Kensei, he is surprised to find that he is a british man.
On the Deveaux rooftop, Ando convinces Hiro's father, Kaito, to fight whoever is after him. Angela shows up to compare photos. Kaito thinks one "of us" sent them, adding that he sought redemption by helping Hiro save the world. "How did you help your son?" he asks Angela.
At the Bennetts dinner table, they all talk about their day. A call from Suresh gets Noah away from the table. Over the phone, Suresh lets him know that he's now working inside for the Company and that their plan to bring them down has begun.
Now we go back to sister and brother Maya and Alejandro Herrera. They have gotten a ride from some bad characters, and they try to take advantage of Maya and leave Alejandro behind. They eventually do leave Alejandro and when he finally catches up with them, he finds a terrible scene. Everyone in the truck is dead and all have a strange black oil leaking from their eyes. The only one left alive is Maya, who can't control her ability and is crying.
Kaito waits on the rooftop for Ando to bring him back a weapon. Before Ando arrives, a man in a hooded shirt steps onto the deck. "Of all of them, I never expected it to be you," Kaito says. The man pushes runs toward him and pushes him off the building to his end.
At the end we go to Cork, Ireland, where a band of thieves hunt a shipyard for a pallet of goods they're trying to steal. When they find the right one, they open it and discover a surprise. Peter Petrelli sits inside, with the helix symbol around his neck, and he says he cannot remember who he is or how he got there.
Altogether, I was very pleased with the episode and the new season. The creators managed to take a plot line that looked like it should have been over, and turned it into a promising season 2. I was also pleased to see that most of the original characters are back, only a few did not make it back for season two. Episode two of season two is named "Lizards", and from the previews looks to be another good episode.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Heroes Season One Finale Recap Episode 23 "How to Stop an Exploding Man"

Well, I have to say, although I thought I might be disappointed, I was not let down by the finale at all. Would the Heroes be able to stop the events already prophecied and set in motion? The episode begins with Matt working to convince H.R.G to let the little girl, aka the tracking system, live. In this task Matt eventually succeeds. Hiro is able to rescue his friend Ando. In the end, the showdown did seem to be a little unbalanced. We have Sylar and several main characters meeting in a public square in the city. Matt first shoots at Sylar, but Sylar stops the bullets and send them back into Matt's own chest. Sylar then gets a grip on Peter, which luckily is stopped by Niki. After this happens, Hiro teleports in and gets Sylar with his Samurai blade. Now by this time, Peter is about to blow and is not able to stop it. He asks Hiro to help him but Sylar throws Hiro with one last burst of energy. Claire aims her weapon at Peter, but then suddenly Nathan swoops in and grabs Peter and flies into the sky. Shortly thereafter there is a bright flash of light, and in this we must assume that at least Nathan did not make it through it. Im not sure though honestly, because we are left to wonder about the fates of Peter, Sylar, Nathan, Matt, and D.L. The very end was a preview into next season, in which Hiro finds himself in a field surrounded by Samurai warriors!! The finale gave us just enough answers, but left enough story for at least another season to come.