Monday, April 30, 2007

Heroes Episode 20 "String Theory" Summary

The Heroes are back again , and with a particularly entertaining episode as well. This was a spectacular episode, with a great idea of showing a possible future, if the fireworks in New York are not stopped. This one will definitely have people discussing every theory imaginable in the various forums, which seems to have been one of NBC's marketing techniques so far. Everytime you think you have something figured out, or a question answered, they show you that you don't. The name of this episode is titled "String Theory", which makes sense in the fact of all the string's in the timeline at Isaac's apartment, as well as the fact that NBC just announced their contest for heroes theories. Pretty good timing, huh? Well episode 20 starts off where episode 19 left off, at Isaac's old apartment in New York city. Shortly after getting there, Hiro meets his future self. Shortly after, the government authorities come in let by Matt, another little twist. While future Hiro and Ando manage to escape, present day Hiro can not elude them. However, when he is taken in for questioning by Matt, he is found to not remember many things that he should. This is because Matt believed that he was future Hiro. Well, you can see how things start to get complicated from here. We then soon see Nathan Petrelli, who has become president just as Isaac showed us he would. At this point we also see Dr. Suresh, who has gotten a job from Nathan working to try to find a cure. Dr. Suresh tells Nathan that he has been working five years, and still does not have a cure. Nathan then asks how long it would take, and Dr. Suresh basically says its not possible. This is when Nathan brings up the idea of eliminating everyone with special abilities, for the protection of society. Meanwhile, while this is going on future Hiro and Ando go to Las Vegas, to find Peter Petrelli. We find out while there that Peter is apparently seeing Niki/Jessica, and that D.L. and Micah both passed away on that fateful day in New York. Shortly after this, we see Matt try to apprehend future Hiro and Ando, but Peter rescues them. After this Peter and Niki/Jessica begin to argue about Peter leaving to go help Hiro. This is when we find out that Peter was the one who caused that fateful day in New York, or so he claims, and not Sylar. He of course can regenerate himself like Claire, so he lived. He says its his fault, and if he can do anything to help change it he has to do it. Now in the meantime, Nathan has told Dr. Suresh he needs to know whether he is with him or not. He then tells him that he must be the one to do away with Hiro. Suresh finally complies, but does not want to because he has seen Hiro's powers and also the string time line in Isaac's apartment. At this point Peter, Future Hiro, and Ando show up to try to rescue Hiro. The main difficulty they face though, is that the Haitian who was helping Bennett before is now helping Matt, so their powers are useless. Just at the moment you think Suresh is going to erase Hiro, he neutralizes the Haitian instead. This allows Peter, Future Hiro, and Ando a chance to get to him. Hiro is told by his future self that he must go back 5 years now and defeat sylar to stop the bomb. Just about this time, Nathan shows up. He shows himself to Peter, and it has been Sylar all along as he now has Candice's powers of mimicking appearance. So as the episode ends, Peter and Sylar are having a fierce confrontation as Hiro teleports back to the present. Then he looks at a comic picture Isaac drew of Sylar being defeated by him. Well, it was definitely one of the most captivating episodes of the year so far. I have a few problems with all of this though, and maybe they'll be answered in future episodes, but here they are. If Peter causes the event in New York, then why will going back in time and neutralizing Sylar keep the event from happening? Ok, then my other question is when Peter saves Future Hiro and Ando from being captured by Matt and the authorities, he stops time. Now, if Peter can manipulate time the same way as Hiro, why would he not be trying to go back to stop himself from discharging? Im not sure just some things I thought of. There are only 3 episodes left of this season, and we should get a lot more answers to the questions that everyone has had. I would agree this was a great episode from an entertaining point of view, but, I believe many of the other episodes were better overall. Ok so next week we will get back to the present, with Episode 21. We will watch as Hiro begins his journey to find and defeat Sylar, and I'll be here afterwards, writing about the good and bad parts of the show. Long live Hiro!!

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