Monday, May 7, 2007

Heroes Episode Synopsis 21 "The Hard Part"

Well, this episode was fairly straight forward in the direction it went. There really seemed to be something lacking in this one, although I have to admit that I am stuck wondering what will happen next, after the way the show ended. The episode begins with Sylar making a call to Dr. Suresh, and he seems panicked because he can now see the future, and seems to believe that he will harm a lot of people. Apparently, he can justify all of the other people he has harmed, just because he had to in order to take their power, but can't deal with the others. He hangs up on Dr. Suresh, because he can hear him begin to call for help. He then goes home to visit with his mom, and begins to plead with her to let him be normal. She keeps insisting that he is "special", and that he should not let it be wasted. This part of the show was a hard one for me to swallow, I really didn't buy the idea that Sylar's mom was the reason for the way he is now. Sylar begins to show her the full extent of his powers, and in the process he accidentally takes her out.
Meanwhile, Peter is busy trying to convince Claire that she has to stay and help him "save the world". Peter, of course is very convincing and eventually gets through, after they realize they both know who Ted is. After they leave the house, they see Ted on the street with Matt and Claire's father. They begin to talk, and at this point Peter begins to absorb Ted's power. Peter begins to get very bright, and this is when the episode ends. This episode was kind've a "filler" episode, which means it advanced the plot line, and filled another week, but nothing new happened and no exciting twists took place. This makes me think of only one thing. How much longer til episode 22?

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