Monday, May 14, 2007

Heroes Summary Episode 22 Landslide

Well the episode starts as Ted, Matt, and H.R.G have arrived in New York. Peter has also been hard at work, and has finally talked Claire into joining the mission. Claire and Peter run into H.R.G and company and tell him about the exploding man prophecy. H.R.G sends Ted, Claire, and Peter out of the city in an attempt to keep them safe from the predicted blast. Sylar has his eyes on them though, because he is interested in Ted's power for himself. Hiro is talked into going to a sword repair shop and finds his father waiting for him. Apparently, he is now willing to train Hiro on the ancient art of the Samurai. Hiro begins his training. Ando is convinced that Hiro is going to allow himself to get talked out of the mission, buys a sword, and decides to take on Sylar himself. Matt and H.R.G go into the building to destroy the tracking system, only to find that the tracking system is a little girl that Matt found in a closet earlier in the season. In the process, Matt ends up taking out H.R.G's boss, but then Mohinder knocks Matt out. They end up in a standoff with the weapons pointed at each other. While this is happening, Sylar makes a clever call to the FBI office. Ted is still wanted by them. Shortly after the FBI takes him captive, Sylar performs his trademark head slice, and then at the end we see Sylar on the top of a building, and he whispers the word "boom". What will happen, its hard to say. Many theories have been thrown around, but you can bet all the fans will be waiting for the last episode very impatiently!!

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